Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

Arti dari Lambang Ac Milan

Colors and symbol of Milan

Milan uniform colors are red and black, in Italian: Rossoneri, in the final event of a competition that does not use cage-away format (example: Champions League), Milan always wore a white uniform color. This tradition is believed to bring good luck for Milan. With six wins from eight Champions League final action in white (only defeat against Ajax on and Liverpool in) create this tradition more firmly maintained. In addition to the two uniform Milan (red-black and white), Milan has the third uniform (third kit) with a touch of black, red lines in some parts. However, this third uniform is rarely used.

For "several years" later, the symbol of Milan Milan wearing the flag touch (flag of Milan),. Others call Milan, Il Diavolo Rosso (red devil) comes from the star Milan imposed on the club emblem. The star is worn on the 1979 Milan because Milan have won more than ten local title (Serie A). Currently, the symbol of Milan club is to offer to the Comune di Milano flag, with the acronym ACM at the top and the years of 1899 ..